电子新闻- 2019年11月5日


校友, 朋友和社区成员回到校园,度过一个难忘的返校周末, activities and classic arcade games. Outstanding Kohawks were honored with awards and 名人堂 inductions, and the Class of 1969 celebrated their golden reunion.


Nominate an outstanding Kohawk for an 校友 Award!

Do you know a Coe alum or friend of the college who is “making it happen”? 给冰球突破稳定网站讲讲!

Award candidates are 校友 and friends who:
- Excel in their professional field.

每年, the 科大学校友 Council proudly presents the 校友优异奖, 杰出服务奖及青年校友奖颁予杰出校友及校友朋友. If you know someone who deserves an award, or if you would like to nominate yourself, simply click on the corresponding link below. Nominations must be submitted by January 1, 2020.



戈林 named executive director and CEO of 加州 Historical 社会

艾丽西亚奈勒 戈林 ’81 recently made a big move from Madison, 威斯康辛州, 到旧金山, 加州, 开始新的冒险.

戈林在8月底进入了加州历史学会. 她将为各种活动提供指导,包括巡回展览和公共规划, 北贝克研究图书馆和加州历史学会的收藏以及“加州教学”,一个与加州合作的K-12在线教育项目. 戈林期待着和她的丈夫一起探索加州及其历史, 杰里•戈林收养81.

戈林曾在威斯康辛历史学会担任多个领导职务20多年. She oversaw numerous programs including the state history museum, 多元文化的推广, 教师教育, underwater archaeology and special projects.

To read more about 戈林’s new role and her interest in history, 点击这里.



Before visiting Coe as a high school student from Mission Viejo, 加州, 天使拉米雷斯 wasn’t sure it would be the place for her. But after seeing campus and talking to faculty and staff, she realized how much Coe had to offer — and like many students, 由于慷慨的奖学金支持,她成为科霍克人的梦想成为可能.

他现在是一名大二学生,主修政治学和社会与刑事司法,辅修宗教, Ramirez is taking full advantage of the Coe experience. She is involved in several campus organizations, including Multicultural Fusion and Black Self-Educated Organization (BSEO), and is also the vice president of CoeVotes, 一个新的俱乐部致力于让学生注册投票,更多地参与所有政党的政治活动. 她在社区和公民参与办公室也有一份勤工俭学的工作.

对拉米雷斯来说,真正让科特别的是她建立的人际关系. 她得到了许多教职员工的指导,包括她的导师, Assistant Professor Drew Westberg, who helped her adjust to life as a college student. 助理教授尼尔·麦克纳布激发了她研究社会和刑事司法的兴趣,兼职讲师肖恩·哈姆森帮助她与当地政治组织建立联系. Ramirez还找到了社区和公民参与主任Kara trebill - smith和职业专家Joe Demarest的指导, both of whom have given her advice and support beyond her academic life. 去年,当她无法回家时,Demarest甚至邀请她与他和他的家人一起过感恩节. “The people and community here at Coe are phenomenal,” Ramirez said. “I would not be where I am now without them.”

拉米雷斯还对科在锡达拉皮兹地区的强大社区关系印象深刻. “I am able to do unimaginable things because of Coe’s connections. 科非常重视将每个学生与他们的梦想联系起来,并推动他们实现梦想。. 在C3:创造力的帮助下, 职业生涯, 社区, 拉米雷斯在林恩县监事会完成了暑期实习. 通过经验, 她对在政府工作有了更多的了解,并且能够与政治竞选工作人员和志愿者见面并建立联系. She now works for West Wind 教育 Policy Inc., a company specializing in policy analysis, systemic equity leadership and knowledge-building for educational policies.

毕业后, 拉米雷斯的梦想是在政府工作,实施进步的变革来帮助人们. 她计划从地方开始,长期目标是在美国服务.S. 国会.

拉米雷斯非常感谢她所获得的奖学金,正是这些奖学金使她成为科欧的一员. “如果没有奖学金,我就上不了学,”她说. To help Ramirez and many other students achieve their dreams at Coe, 点击这里 做一份礼物.

Giving Tuesday, December 3, 2019 graphic

Save the Date: Giving Tuesday is December 3!

Whether you give your time through volunteering, 在你所在的社区做一笔财务捐赠或发挥你的影响力, #周二是一个团结的日子, 庆祝并回馈社会.

Coe is proud to participate in #GivingTuesday again this year. 于12月3日, 冰球突破稳定网站要求你们支持学院,确保所有背景的学生都能获得科欧教育.

We would love to feature you on social media — 点击这里 to share your story and the impact you make on your community.

Clark Merit Scholars honored in 10月

2019-20年度克拉克优秀冰球突破新版官网app上个月在董事会会议上获得认可. 这五名获奖者是在今年春天选出的,他们获得了相当于一年学费的奖金.


17th annual Playground of Science brings community to Coe

Local students of all ages levitated objects, launched pumpkins with a trebuchet, 10月24日,在第17届年度科游乐场科学之夜上,他们用液氮和更多的东西制作了冰淇淋.

教师 and students from the physics, 生物学, 化学, 数学, 计算机科学, 护理, 心理学和ROTC部门提供了演示和促进实践的机会来展示科学是多么有趣. Hundreds of students participated in the Playground of Science, 这是科校园每年举办的最大的社区活动之一.

科学演示包括在火焰中使用甲醇/盐制造雪和龙的气息. 除了, 学生玩数字游戏, observed incredibly strong magnets, watched Mentos make a spray fountain out of Diet Pepsi, 学习了气泡的数学,并观察了熔融玻璃在接近2点时倾倒,000 degrees Fahrenheit from a crucible. 学生们还观察了心脏和眼睛的模型来了解人体,并了解了化学是如何产生有用物质的.

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Kent Herron invites 校友 to Aspen

Doc Herron encourages 校友 to join him 3月 15-19, 2020, for a grand reunion of a half century of Coe College skiing in Aspen! Doc has been skiing with his students in Aspen since 1972. 他很高兴有机会再次见到他们,庆祝旧日时光,同时创造一些新的回忆. And he’d like to do it while he still can ski.

Details and registration will be available soon at 校友.dip-smd.com/events.

World War II 校友 stories sought for 快递

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, 《冰球突破新版官网app》2020年春夏版将介绍在战争中服役的Coe校友的故事. 二战的退伍军人或他们的家庭成员被鼓励分享他们的故事,以审查和编辑可能纳入信使. Please submit stories and photos (if applicable) via email to courier@dip-smd.com 或邮件:

1号大街1220号. NE 

The deadline for submissions is January 10, 2020.


11月13日- Sip & 社交2019年秋季 — Join us for what has become one of Coe's greatest networking events! Come have fun meeting and networking with 校友, students and faculty. 将提供清淡的开胃菜,并为与会者提供一个现金酒吧.